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This story may be about you.

Imagine you’re rain. You’re born into this world and you forgot who you are. No one tells you you’re rain. So wherever you go you see sunshine and you look down and see happy people splashing in pools, going for walks, having picnics and being happy when they look out and see the sunshine. Yet when you show up, people run inside, complain, cry and wonder when you’re going to be over. You can feel they want you to go away.

Sunshine is nice to you. He says hi, but looks at you oddly. He doesn’t understand you but is nice nonetheless. He hangs out with his buddies Clear Night and the beautiful Moon. You have no one. Well, you have thunder and lightning but they’re super intense and you’re not all about that.

Having no one to lead you, you feel rejected. You don’t fit in. You don’t want people to be unhappy. You want to be more like sunshine. So you start chopping away at yourself. Cutting off pieces. You try to turn off the rain as much as you can. Sometimes you have outburst because it hurts. It goes against your very nature, but you don’t know that. You don’t know who you are or why you keep raining. You’re not quite sure of your purpose. You have no idea of your M A G N I F I C E N C E and utter importance.

The universe tries to show you signs. There’s people that like to dance in the rain. You just think they’re crazy though. The universe shows you a dried up stream, but you just say “If I fill it the rain will get everywhere else and no one will like me.” So you try to live rain-free for as long as possible. You hang with the Sunshine and generally feel okay, but deep down you don’t know why you don’t fit in so you’re super nice to everyone that crosses your path. You try harder.

A lot of time goes by and you don’t realize that the reason you feel so dried up is because you’re hanging out with Sunshine. You don’t know why you haven’t found your soul mate friends yet, or life partner, or feeling abundant beyond your wildest dreams and people are lined up and rejoice when you’re out. You’re doing all the things. You’ve studied Sunshine carefully. It’s just not working. You feel forgotten, unlovable, unsupported.

Then one day you meet me. I tell you you’re being too nice and trying to fit in. One hundred times later you hear me. You say, but if I follow my natural instincts and put myself first everyone will hate me. I feel bad, evil, awful, mean. How can I just rain down upon the people when I feel like it??? You scream back and think I’m crazy. You try to ignore it. You go back to your life but this time it feels worse. You see others having success. You don’t believe you can have it because nothing has ever worked in the past and its just too darn hard to be “mean” and do what you want to do and you may not even remember how to be you.

One thousand posts later you’re so fed up you come back. I tell you to its ok to be mean. You hear me. You drop your rain like there’s no tomorrow. It feels good actually. You run about the place dropping your rain everywhere. You feel great, but still no soulmates or abundance. You get mad at me.

I tell you remember who you are and rejoice in it. You walk away unhappy that you did all the things but all the things you want isn’t here.

One hundred posts later you realize that if I’m raining all the time I must be RAIN. I must be! And actually, RAIN is pretty cool. It’s different. I like it. I will totally embody rain. I will rejoice in myself. Even though I don’t know why I’m this way, I’m going to see value in it. Really see it. Even if people still reject me wherever I go. I don’t care.

Now you beautiful RAIN – you start to notice something. You drop your rain and yes some people run back in, but you hardly notice them. You start to notice the people that peek out their window and take a sigh of relief and say, I was praying for you! You start to notice just how deeply green everything is wherever you were. You wonder if that’s because of you. You start to hear that people listen to rain sounds when sleeping and realize you’re actually soothing to the right person. Then it CLICKS.

THEY WERE HERE ALL ALONG. I just didn’t see. You found your people. They were there all along just waiting for you to show up as the real you in all your glory. People pray for you, invite you everywhere and rejoice in you. You feel abundant and are surrounded by so many soulmates all across the world.

This is why I do what I do.

Phase 1 – SPRAYS: Clear away the junk and start to realign to your truth. Heal and cleanse. Unravel the stories and traumas.

Phase 2 – Alchemy Mastery: The online program to shift your thinking and realign to yourself. Get out of being nice, fitting in, cutting away yourself and focus on who you truly are.

Phase 3 – 12 Week Programs – Abundance and Soulmates. It’s time and at this phase you are more than ready. It’s the last piece to click into place to have it all.


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