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The Secret of Instant Healing

Why is healing so quick and miraculous for some people and with some things it seems like its not healing or takes forever? Why do you get instant results with some things and not others?

Essentially healing comes down to 2 things. Whether the healing is instantaneous or evolving slowly it still comes down to these 2 things.

1. How quickly you can let go. Really, that's it. Do you really want to keep this thing? Do you really want to hold on to the negative programming and thoughts or emotions?Do you like telling the story? Is it a traumatic or astonishing and does it paint you to be a victim? That type of story can be hard to let go of. Release the mind and truly ask yourself, "Truth, do I want to let this go?". If its a yes, your results will come sooner than later. If its a no, you may want to examine why you are holding on to this thing or if its worth not healing yet. No judgement here, sometimes you need another day or two, or month. Sometimes you need to forgive. It can take time if you are not ready yet.

2. How quickly you can get into alignment. That means, how quickly you can see the bigger picture, the higher purpose of what happened. Its how quickly you can rewrite the story to where you are not a victim but to where there was a lesson, a reason, a purpose for what happened. Alignment is where you can see the higher lesson or awareness of why this thing occurred, and where you can delete the mind and really be awake and in tune with your authentic self. Another way to look at alignment is that its a state of being where you are feeling good and in love energy as opposed to feeling badly and in fear.

Sometimes alignment can be an instant shift into alignment, other times it will really take practice and a decision to re-write your story, get the lesson or higher purpose, be with the emotions that don't feel so good and then shift into love and acceptance.

The wonderful thing about this is that with practice it gets faster and faster even with more difficult situations. No one is immune to this, but practice and determination will help you get through these things much faster.

Also, you can use your sprays to help with this. Dark Wolf will help with the letting go and opening up the heart and forgiveness. You can send it into the past to heal a situation or you can send it into the future to heal a situation before it comes up. You can use the Entity, Curse, Eden Love, Dream Life, Sunshine, and Intuition sprays to help process and clear emotions, shift into love, joy, and your authentic self, and to get the higher lessons.

With Love, Vanessa

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