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What you seek is seeking you

Clear Quartz Crystal

Do you crave deep love, intimacy and sensuality?

Abundant success, freedom, and pleasure while doing your soul work?

Feeling vibrant, radiant, and filled with bliss?

You crave these things because they are meant for you.

Hi, I'm Vanessa and I'm in the business of helping people get what they want.

I show spiritual women how to shift their energy, emotions, and mindset to get the love, wealth and happiness they deeply desire.

I've been in business for 14+ years. I started out as a clairvoyant reader and healer, but I am became frustrated just "telling" people what I saw for their future and not giving them the tools to shift it. So many women desperately wanted their soulmate to show up, money to flow in or to just feel happy. I developed these tools over a decade and I know they work because I and others use them every single day.

All of what you want is yours now, here.


Is this work for you? Are you:

  • A spiritual woman into all things “woo”

  • Willing to do the work and know there’s no such thing as “get-rich-quick”

  • Absolutely taking full responsibility for yourself and your emotions

  • Knowing without a doubt you are deserving of love, wealth and happiness

  • Ready for it to be YOUR TURN and have your happy ending, success, and bliss

If that's a HECK YES! here's how to work with me:

Choose your path below

You aren't meant to SETTLE
Settling for:
You aren't here to experience struggle, pain, burn out, insecurity, and the lifetime of not-enoughness that you've been handed.
You are here to experience so much more beauty, love, pleasure, abundance and magic than you've been lead to believe.
You are here to THRIVE sister! Living in joy, abundance and feeling juicy pleasure.
Everything you need, want and desire is already here for you. Right now. Right here.
You haven't been able to access it because of mental programming creating scarcity, blocked energy keeping you stuck, trapped emotions triggering fear when something good is about to happen - and it gets stopped in its tracks, and resistance to pleasure and feeling good.
This creates an alignment to being the "good/nice girl" who gets overlooked, feels invisible and keeps WAITING while sacrificing herself for others and burning out.
These unconscious patterns run until we bring light and awareness to it.

Private Sessions and Programs

 A unique elixir of an Intuitive & Higher Self reading, messages from your guides and angels, intuitive life exploration, and a powerful energetic clearing session.

Alchemy Mastery

8 Week Digital Program

My A-Z Guide on taking your wildest dreams &  turning them into reality.The magic formula is inside: 


All sessions by appointment only


Business Hours:

Monday - Friday between 10:30am - 6:30pm Eastern


To set up an appointment, you can either purchase your session and I will contact you by email to set up some times, or you can click here and send me a message.

Vanessa is an Intuitive Energy Healer, Bodyworker, and International Clairvoyant Energy Reader who has a diverse background in many various healing modalities. She is an Usui Reiki Master and Shamballa Master. In Shamanic tradition, Vanessa has received the 9 Great Rites of the Munay-Ki. She was also initiated as an Adept by the Hierarchy of Light and is part of the Universal Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light. Vanessa incorporates a unique blend of Reiki, Shamballa, Qi Gong, Hands on Healing, Polarity Therapy, Quantum Touch, Healing with the Angels, Crystal Therapy, Egyptian Healing, Mediumship, Past Life Healing, Access Consciousness and Cellular Reconfiguration into every session. She has been trained in Hypnotherapy, as well as Dreamwork Navigation, Spiritual Pathworking, Aromatherapy, Sound Healing, Spiritual Life Coaching and Dream Life Manifestation.

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