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5 Signs You Have Negative Entities

I can’t say for certain because we’re not in a middle of a sess, but these are the ones I see pretty much every day.

1. You hear voices or someone talking to you in your mind.

Maybe you’re asking for psychic intel or what to do next and you hear a voice telling you exactly what to do. Too good to be true? Most of the time this is an entity, yes. This isn’t usually how psychic information comes in. You can have clairaudience, but clairaudience from a higher source isn’t quite hearing someone in your head like you’d think it is. If you're hearing it this way its most likely a lower vibrational being.

My inspiration for this: A client said to me that she heard a voice saying her brother was cursing her and that she needed to take significant steps to block him and remove the curse, but it was quite convoluted what needed to be done so she called me for help. When I looked there was no curse. She admitted that she felt the voice wouldn’t go away and didn’t really sound like the Spirit she was used to connecting to which felt lighter and more distant to her.

2. You can’t access your intuition or if you do it’s not quite the accuracy you're used to getting.

They tell you something is going on but its not going on. You get fed false information, you do what they guided you to do but it didn’t work out as promised, or you just have sense its inaccurate.

Entities can read your mind so they’ll pick up on things that you expect. For example, if you asked what do I need to do next in my business? And the answer you heard immediately was exactly what you "think" you need to do next its probably an entity.

I had a client ask that question and what she heard almost immediately was “do more videos” and just the day before she saw a video of someone saying to move ahead in your business you need to do more videos.

Now sometimes this is the case and the universe is really trying to tell you something until you do it, but most of the time information as to what's next is usually not what you expect or can just instantly think up.

3. You can’t sleep or are having strange dreams and nightmares.

You just cannot get to sleep; your mind is on overdrive. This can be several different things, some of which the fixes are in the Entity and Curse Sprays. When the mind is going its most likely that you have a lot of energy that is not yours and you’re not fully in your body.

I had a client this week with strange dreams that she kept getting murdered. That’s a very clear sign you need to spray and clear your sleep realms and brainwave states. Usually her dreams are psychic ones, so when she woke up she was convinced she was in danger, but in reality it was just the entities digging in deeper to wherever it was easiest to get in and spark an emotion of fear.

4. Everything seems to be going wrong for you or your electronics and appliances are breaking down.

I’ll just be honest here; most people use the sprays when things act wonky and 90% of the time it just fixes itself.

Yes, sometimes its too far gone and it needs next - level clearing beyond the sprays, or other times you just need to replace your items due to normal wear and tear, however I can almost assure you that you probably need a house clearing in either case.

I recently had a few weeks where so many things were acting up and going wrong and no matter how much I cleared the house these entities wouldn’t go away. I could tell how much better I felt when I wasn't at home, but it was getting exhausting. Finally, when I checked I realized there was a curse on the home and once that cleared, the heavy entities left and everything went back to cotton candy and pink bunnies.

5. You ran out of spray *scary music plays*

If you’ve been using the Entity Removal Spray to stay clear and free and then you ran out, it’s a high probability that they’re looking for a way back in especially if you're not in the mountains meditating on blessed and peaceful land.

You’ll notice as soon as your emotions dip - things start to take a wrong turn, or you deep dive into fear and worry and can’t quite shake it, and this is a big one - people are getting upset with you or acting unlike their normal selves around you.

This one inspired me to write this post since several people ran out of spray for an unknown amount of time and now some of the “big’uns” are in there in playing block and tackle with their lives.

I had a client this week who was close to manifesting exactly what she desired. She wrote it down, did all the next steps, and it showed up in her reality. Yet as she ran out of spray all these blocks and huge obstacles came up, triggering her into fear and doubt and it compounded the issue as she began to block herself by getting thrown out of alignment, even though the exact thing she asked for was right in front of her.

What to do!

Entities can be difficult to get rid of it and negative energy in general is a process to learn and outgrow as you reclaim and ignite your inner power.

I created these clearing and healing sprays because I needed something beyond soaking in sea salt, saging, palo santo and crystals so I could spend less time clearing and taking back my power.

The sprays are the first level of defense, but to get permanent results is to grow in consciousness and grow in your power where you no longer attract that stuff for the most part. There is still good spiritual hygiene where even though you are at Goddess level of consciousness you still need to brush your teeth and spray your sprays to clear off what is hanging around you, your location or those you came into contact with.

So no the sprays will not fix everything as you still have lessons and growth, but it’s fixed a ton of businesses, money flows, relationships, health and well-being in the meantime. Just letting you know its here and that there's help to get you further along into peace, love and prosperity!

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