Open and Ready to Receive

Goddess, are you exhausted from breaking your back to manifest your divine riches, loving relationships, a happy body and a joyful life?

You’ve read all the books. Healed yourself. Removed your subconscious blocks. Cleared your energy.

But it's been YEARS of this!

You keep searching for the right answer but it’s taking you around in circles. One more thing to try. One more thing to clear. One more thing to tweak. Listen, you are NOT broken! It’s not you!

If you have tried everything under the sun and you are still stuck in cement, it points to only thing - resistance.

All the books talk about it as the only real block to getting what you want.

The law of attraction teachers tell you that you are resisting. But it ends there and you don’t know why or how you’re caught in this cycle and how to get out!

You just know that it’s up to you to change that.

There are two types of resistance. One comes from a place of resisting the thing that’s actually NOT in your highest good and best interest.

The other one is the FIGHT/FLIGHT/FREEZE response.

You don’t even realize it’s happening. It’s out of your control at this point.

When you are subject to some sort of trauma, or abuse, or something really scares you, it gets stored in your cellular memory. But not only that, you get stuck in time with that incident because your soul fragments and stays stuck to the memory frozen in place waiting for healing.

You do your best to suppress it, brush it off or even heal it, but you still don’t feel 100% like yourself again. The healing hasn’t been completed. You are forever changed.

Ok - stuff happens to all of us. We all have some kind of pain and trauma in life, so what?

Well, any time something happens that really excites you, scares you or is a leap or just an energy outside your comfort zone - your body switches you back into flight/fight/freeze mode and everything seems to shut down.

You close off. You can’t receive.

Resistance happens.

Now you work your way out of it, get back to your comfort zone, and try to get calm and back to your usual self. Yet a voice inside just lingers. You know you can do more and have more. You feel like you were meant to be successful and share your gifts with the world. You were meant to be appreciated, loved and happy.

You go back to your manifestation techniques. Something starts to shift and happen, but then your body pulls the alarm as you step out of the comfort zone. Full blown shut down. Receiving is blocked. Resistance is flipped on. Nothing happens. You search for another answer.

And so the cycle continues.

Listen, are you fed up yet? Are you done with this cycle?

This was literally my story and the story of about 80% of my clients. This is why I know it so well. I struggled for years trying to find an answer to why nothing seemed to work.

I believed the lies that manifesting was only about feeling good like:

☄Do good and good will come to you ☄Be nice ☄Give more than you receive ☄Serve others ☄Be patient ☄Put others before you ☄Wait your turn it will come ☄Ignore how you feel and focus only on the positive.

Do all this and the universe will reward you. 🙄

Instead what I got was a big bag of more struggle, curses and more negative energies to clear.

See, doing all those things were actually making my life worse.

I was literally screaming to the universe to put me last, let others walk all over me, I don’t matter and I will wait forever because I am being a good girl.

Not only was I in fight/flight/freeze mode, I was teaching the universe that I will accept scraps and that I don’t want my divine riches, loving relationships, happy body and a joyful life.