The Secret of Instant Healing

Why is healing so quick and miraculous for some people and with some things it seems like its not healing or takes forever? Why do you get instant results with some things and not others? Essentially healing comes down to 2 things. Whether the healing is instantaneous or evolving slowly it still comes down to these 2 things. 1. How quickly you can let go. Really, that's it. Do you really want to keep this thing? Do you really want to hold on to the negative programming and thoughts or emotions?Do you like telling the story? Is it a traumatic or astonishing and does it paint you to be a victim? That type of story can be hard to let go of. Release the mind and truly ask yourself, "Truth, do I

Sole and Worthiness

Sole it has a ton of benefits but still it took me years to try it. The thought of not grabbing coffee first thing in the morning was too much to bear. It's Day 2 though and I find myself occupied during that half hour wait until I can have that coffee and the surprising thing is that I almost don't want the coffee. After I start drinking it I don't want to finish it. I have so much more energy and feel wide awake instead of dragging all morning. Also, I'm not craving sugar for most of the day and my appetite around lunch time has diminished. I feel really different on the inside as strange as that sounds, so I will continue until it doesn't feel so good anymore - if that happens ;-) If you

Fear of Money and Success

This came up three times today so I thought I'd share it here. Spray Calm on yourself asking it to clear fears and phobias of money and again spraying asking it to clear fears and phobias of success. I muscle tested a lot of different people since the fear/phobia of money has not come up before and it was astounding that everyone I tested had that fear or phobia. I usually see fear of wealth, prosperity, abundance but it was shocking to see a fear of money. Spray and see if that helps you too.

Dream Big

What if the reason you aren't getting what you really want is because you aren't asking for enough? Go ahead, dream bigger. Dream bigger than that. And bigger than that. There. Now spray Sunshine and Money Magic and ask it to actualize that dream.

Sweet Dreams

Before bed, spray lightly above your bed and area around the bed or the entire bedroom with the Entity and Curse Sprays. You can also do this with the Eden Love spray if you don't have it going in a diffuser while you sleep. To ensure a good nights sleep, spray the clearing sprays into air and ask that it go to your sleep realms, spray again asking it to go to your sleep states, and again to clear anywhere you are going in your sleep.

Charging Crystals with your Sprays

Did you know that you can charge your crystals with any of the sprays? Start with clean and clear crystals, so cleanse them in your normal manner. Then in a small dish put in your crystals you'd like to charge and pour in the spray making sure its enough to cover the crystals. Soak for about 15 mins. (Note that some crystals don't like to be in water and can be damaged so make sure yours are okay with water before you start this.) That's it! The energy should last up to 2 weeks. You can make amulets or protection stones or whatever you'd like. When its getting near the two weeks you can restart the process by cleansing the crystal and soaking it again. Enjoy!

Dream Life & Sunshine

Dream Life: Spray asking that anything (such as your own resistance etc) blocking all your sprays from its full effect be cleared. Sunshine: Spray asking to help with weight loss and spray again asking it to fire up your metabolism. Sunshine: Spray asking that all your financial blocks be cleared and released. Sunshine: You can also use this as a room spray to lighten the mood, create joy, fill it with optimism, focus and success.

Dark Wolf & Letting Go

That moment when you desperately want to hold on to something - is the exact moment when you need to let go. If you can let go and not try to control in that moment, you will have more. Abundance will flow. Holding on keeps you tightly closed off and unable to receive the very thing you desire. Spray Dark Wolf and ask it to help you let go, forgive and open up your heart to receive more. You can also ask that it heal those issues in all your lifetimes.

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