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Client Case Study 1

Client Case Study #1

Client M had a healing business. She was making a consistent $14K to $17K each month of income for 1+ years.

Suddenly her income dropped to a steady $8K a month. It stayed at this level for 6 to 7 months, prompting her to book a session.

Nothing outwardly changed in regards to advertising and offerings.

She tried showing up more, giving more to her audience and nothing changed.

*First initial and pronouns may be changed for case studies

The first thing I checked was who or what was her Source of money.

We learned she was leaning on her clients heavily as her Source, leaving them feeling a needy and pushy energy from her. These energies tend to be felt by others subconsciously and can repel them because it no longer feels good, right, or aligned to join.

We shifted that to where she made the Infinite/God/Source her source for money. Thereby allowing more money to come to her in a myriad of ways, including new clients.

This also allows more money to flow into existing clients from the Infinite source if they're aligned to work with her.

Next we discovered her vibration was really low after being consistently high for 1+ years.

Low vibration attracts other low vibrations. She mentioned she felt more struggle in her day to day life.

On the hunt for the cause, it came up as an energy imbalance possibly relating to Epstein Barr. I advised her to see her doctor/naturopath.

She started suffering from very low energy several months ago and it matched up to when she felt her money dropped off.

Due to her not having other marketing in place, nor evergreen programs, or payment plans, her income was solely reliant on her energy, vibration and ability to show up.

I sent her an energy healing tool to work with epstein barr to use 2x daily, and she is under physician care for nutrient and toxin testing and working on her diet to minimize negative effects and maximize energy.

Since the session, 45 days later:

Her income had its first increase to $12K in the month following the session.

She has reported feeling energized with more days feeling like herself again, and less days of feeling exhausted and unable to do anything.

Her vibration is no longer consistently low, but rises enough to be a match for her ideal clients and to feel happy and energized again on many days, while still having some low days.

She booked a follow up session after she receives her results and plan from her physician.


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