Eden Love

Spray Eden Love asking it to bring you your true love or soulmate. Place it in your diffuser at night and wake up feeling so nurtured, snuggled and loved. If you are dealing with feeling too needy or co-dependent this helps greatly and can help with letting go since it fills you up with love. Spray into the air asking it go to all of your relationships. Spray again each time for friendships, business relationships, family relationships, your home, your office, your website, your facebook page, your business, etc. Spray with the intention of sending love to you as a child, or a particular moment in your past you needed it. You can do the same for future moments when you feel you might need a

The Mind vs Intuition

How many of your thoughts do you listen to? Do you listen to all of your thoughts, most of your thoughts or very few of your thoughts? Everything you are wishing to create is on the other side of all of those thoughts. Its best not to listen to thoughts at all. Why is that? There are no separate minds. There is no "your mind" and "my mind". There is the universal mind, or group consciousness. When you tune into thoughts or take them seriously, you are tuning into the group thoughts. Let's not confuse thoughts with intuition either. Intuition comes from a different space than the mind. The thoughts that berate you or tell you that you are not good enough, a failure right now, or have you doub

Dark Wolf

There's nothing you need to fight and struggle for. I mean barring more obvious situations like fighting for your life or survival or fighting off that tiger or attacker. However, most situations that we struggle with like fighting for someone's love or attention, fighting constantly to keep our energy clear, or even struggling over clients is only a greater sign that we need to let go. The more we are fighting and struggling then the more deeply we need to let go. The more we really really need a particular thing to happen, the more expectations and attachments we have and it may never happen or if it does, you will have to fight to keep it and even then there are no promises. This type of

The Mind and Healing

The mind doesn't actually heal. It gives the illusion of healing and appears like its healing layers of the onion. Healing is mindless. Its a spontaneous letting go that happens from the space of conscious awareness and presence.

The Magnetic Attraction of the Victim

Are you feeling stuck or blocked? There's a few stumbling blocks I constantly see that stop people from manifesting the life that they want or having the next step to move forward. I'll be going over them here in the next few days so check back, but here's one of the biggies right now: Do you feel like you are living a nightmare or stuck in "hell" and just want God/Universe/Spirit to send help already and take care of this for you? Or maybe you've been asking for something over and over and you are really struggling and suffering nothing is showing up? Maybe you feel abandoned by what you believe in and even though you have so much trust and faith you can't understand why nothing is showing

How to Change Immediately

Who has control over you? Is it you or someone else? Take time to meditate on this. When we don't have control over ourselves is when we are most vulnerable to negativity from others, entities, curses, weak boundaries and we feel like a psychic sponge to the environment around us wherever we go. Take back your control over you daily until you are less and less affected by the whims of the outside world.

Divine Feminine

Here's some initial feedback where I remotely sprayed the feminine spray on users and this was after 1 spray: "It's pure bliss." "My vibe is so high I'm not worried about anything." "I'm feeling so great I forgot to use the other sprays." "Hell I haven't felt this good in decades girl!" "Today has been a blast! I was singing on my way to work...(she didn't know she was singing until someone told her lol) and I usually resent going to work!" "I can't think of one thing I need to spray away or change in my life. Is life supposed to be this good? I feel so secure and I can be meeeee again!"

Creating from Magic

What have you been trying to manifest in your life that is not showing up? The root of the word manifest means to show. Every place you don't show up in your life is where the energy of lack resides and where you're probably stuck in manifesting what you desire there. How do you show up in those places then? You create and keep creating. You have an array of choices. If you are not manifesting and continuing to have lack in a certain area, you are creating from lack. BUT, if you let the universal energy flow through you, the stuff that shows up (manifests) is like MAGIC. Sometimes you let it flow through just a little and a little manifests, and then sometimes you are in the total flow of ab

Mercury Retrograde and Anger

For anyone that had lots of anger come up this past Sat, Sun or Monday, spray the Mercury retrograde spray. I couldn't figure out why everyone around me was breaking up with their partners over the weekend. There were just so many people having issues so I figured it was astrological, but then I found out they haven't sprayed. 😯😟 You can also use the Curse and Entity spray after if there's still anger or heavy energies. We're fully out of Mercury Rx on May 5th. I believe this intense and emotional weekend for some was a combination of planetary energies and the full blue moon on Saturday. Either way the Mercury Rx spray aligns you with the moon and all the planets to handle all the differe


You are an amazing powerful goddess of divine love and divine light! I am here to help you on your sacred journey to bliss. Much Love, Vanessa

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