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The Magnetic Attraction of the Victim

Are you feeling stuck or blocked? There's a few stumbling blocks I constantly see that stop people from manifesting the life that they want or having the next step to move forward. I'll be going over them here in the next few days so check back, but here's one of the biggies right now:

Do you feel like you are living a nightmare or stuck in "hell" and just want God/Universe/Spirit to send help already and take care of this for you? Or maybe you've been asking for something over and over and you are really struggling and suffering nothing is showing up? Maybe you feel abandoned by what you believe in and even though you have so much trust and faith you can't understand why nothing is showing up for you.

Well, been there done that. What's actually going on is that when you are in such a space that is when you can receive the least help. That is when you are most cut off. Help can't even see you and I'm sure it feels that way too. It feels like a vicious circle. The bad keeps getting bad and maybe worse.

Here's the bad news: You are the only one that can get you of this at this point. The good news: Once you start to get out of it even just a little, help arrives. The more you get out of it, the bigger the help.

What's actually going on here? Spirit matches you. If you are appreciative and grateful you are at your most open and you get big gifts that just show up in your life. When you are at your least receptive is when you feel most like a victim. There is literally no way in to gift you anything. If you keep saying your life is hell until such and such happens you are constantly creating the energy of that hell and locking it in. How you feel is the gauge to see how much you can receive and how open you are. I don't mean how you feel meaning the front you put on or the mask you wear that says you're a positive person. I mean how you actually truly feel inside and about your situation and what you are giving off is the true gauge.

So how do you get out of victim mode or feeling stuck? Look around you, see what you are grateful for or what you can appreciate. Or - you can meditate, clear your mind and ask what's right about this situation? Is there something I need to learn and get? Its all about perspective. If you look at something differently, things change. If you look at the situation and say "I know this is temporary and I have the power to change it, what do I need to see, get or know about this?", even that slight shift in perspective changes the energy and a shift starts to happen. The door to what's next starts to open. When that door opens even an inch, the universe will start to move and appear in that inch for you to see and acknowledge, then the shift will get bigger and bigger if you keep going. So keep going.

If you need help with getting into gratitude besides making a list or looking around and appreciating all things - the Magic Money spray is chock full of that vibration.

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