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Message from Spirit 22 and Case Study 2

January 10 Message from Spirit #22

Case Study #2

You attract what you are.

What does this one mean to you?

This came up in a session today in a particularly interesting way.

This person was wondering why everyone always approaches her friend when they're out instead of her as well. She explained that 99% of the time the people they meet are only interested in, or talk to, her friend. When she's alone, either no one, or the wrong ones approach, as she put it.

She added that she felt no less attractive than her friend and she feels she's kind and fun to be around, but takes her a little bit to open up.

This is what came up.

"You attract what you are."

From my perspective, there was an energy outside of her in her reality she didn't like of people avoiding contact with her. That energy had to also come from within her.

I was able to match up this energy we called "crickets" or avoidance from others to an energy within her. The energy within her read as "hating people".

I asked her if she felt that way about people and she laughed and said yes.

So her energy of hate towards people can translate into not wanting people around. When we hate something we don't want more of it, or any at all. And in her outside reality that was precisely what was showing up.

We cleared that energy from her as it turns out it was never hers originally, but that she took on an opinion of a loved family member as a child.

She reported feeling much more open, warm and approachable and she said she couldn't stop smiling!


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