That Magic Mojo

To live the life you've secretly always wanted, you have to be willing to stand in your power. Even if you stand alone. Have your own back when it feels like everything is rooting against you. Speak to yourself with love and acceptance giving yourself the support you've always wanted. If you can do this, you can change the entire vibrational frequency of your existence - including those around you and future generations. Start here: 👇 Begin your journey home to yourself with my FREE 3-Day course Alchemy Queen 💕

5 Signs You Have Negative Entities

I can’t say for certain because we’re not in a middle of a sess, but these are the ones I see pretty much every day. 1. You hear voices or someone talking to you in your mind. Maybe you’re asking for psychic intel or what to do next and you hear a voice telling you exactly what to do. Too good to be true? Most of the time this is an entity, yes. This isn’t usually how psychic information comes in. You can have clairaudience, but clairaudience from a higher source isn’t quite hearing someone in your head like you’d think it is. If you're hearing it this way its most likely a lower vibrational being. My inspiration for this: A client said to me that she heard a voice saying her brother was cur

Open and Ready to Receive

Goddess, are you exhausted from breaking your back to manifest your divine riches, loving relationships, a happy body and a joyful life? You’ve read all the books. Healed yourself. Removed your subconscious blocks. Cleared your energy. But it's been YEARS of this! You keep searching for the right answer but it’s taking you around in circles. One more thing to try. One more thing to clear. One more thing to tweak. Listen, you are NOT broken! It’s not you! If you have tried everything under the sun and you are still stuck in cement, it points to only thing - resistance. All the books talk about it as the only real block to getting what you want. The law of attraction teachers tell you that you

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