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✅ Losing hope in the manifestation process?

✅ Doubting the Law of Attraction is even real?

✅ Wondering why it works only some of the time for some people?

Welcome! You're speaking my language!

That's exactly where I was. No matter how many books I read, videos I watched on repeat and ads I clicked promising me THE SECRET TO THE SECRET, the only thing I had was plenty of wasted time and lonely nights wondering when my ship would come in. Oh and less money.

Where's this missing piece of the puzzle, I wondered?

What is the reason you haven’t manifested what you want yet?

I was working night and day shifting my mindset and tapping into my intuition like it was my mission, yet I could only manifest the small stuff. I was missing something. Still clueless on how to get the bigger manifestations - you know - to live the life of my dreams like everyone else teaching this stuff seemed to be doing (sigh), I finally had an AHA moment!


There was a real powerhouse of manifestation where our magnificence and super consciousness is stored patiently waiting to be unleashed.


There is an authentically powerful being already in alignment and knows exactly what she wants and how to get there...

The body!

The magic formula?

The missing piece: Mind (mindset), Spirit (intuition) and YOU - the body.


Mind, body and spirit. The trinity.


The body is your vehicle to get what you want. Without it, you wouldn’t be able to experience physical things.


When I say the body, I don’t just mean your flesh and bones. I mean the all-knowing, all-aware, always-aligned body that houses your distinct personality, purpose, what you were born to do and all those gifts that are silently begging to be awakened.

The secret is this aspect of the body and if you're like me, you weren't aware of its natural power to manifest!


The magnificent three - the mind, the body, and the intuition make up the trinity that equals the AUTHENTIC YOU = which is the powerhouse of manifestation.


All three of these need to work together in beautiful harmony.

Now that you have that, you are literally just a frequency shift away from what you deeply desire.

This is why all the up-leveling, mindset-shifting, high-vibes-only weren't working.

You can shower yourself in high vibes all day and yes your reality will feel yummy, but the actual deep shift that you desire won't show up. That's not how you get to the next rung!

The big stuff is just outside your comfort zone aka frequency zone and it won't appear unless you know how to make it appear (manifest = how something shows up).

Your turn-by-turn
road map

Manifestation Course


This is my A-Z program on taking your wildest dreams and turning them into reality!


It's exactly what I did to go from spending my days crying in my dark basement cubicle, completely overwhelmed and drowning in work even though I was pulling 12 hour days, feeling humiliated by my life, co-workers, and my boyfriend, martyring my soul to everyone who needed emotional, mental, physical and financial help, TO finally saying F-OFF to the drains and vampires, gathering the courage and the deep power to go after what I want, and now living the exact life I had dreamed and written about.


This program trains you how to get everything you want for the REST OF YOUR LIFE by working on the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic levels and gets everything in sync for faster results.

It includes how-to videos, workbooks, a secret symbol to amp up the energy and create faster results, energy clearings, healings, time-line shifting and Q/A bonus recordings to make everything laser clear.

Everything is downloadable so you have it all for life.


You may want to use the energy clearing mp3s every single day to start off the day clear, refreshed and aligned. Next, the mp3s to shift into a better timeline are a life-saver when you're in a pinch and need the day to move with ease, joy and grace, or get into a timeline where your desire is closer than you can imagine!





Week 1: The Path

Crystal Clarity = Quicker Results.

Using my special method you'll gain clarity on your deepest desires and sometimes that itself is enough to make your wildest dreams show up. 

We lay the foundation for the process of manifestation and go over all the trouble spots where 99.9% people get stuck while manifesting. If you're stuck, this worksheet will be a lifesaver. Just scroll down and see exactly where you've been trapped and quickly unblock the energy so you can get into the life of your dreams effortlessly.

Week 1 BONUS:

The How To Guide:

✅My unique 3 Step Method of Manifestation

✅Exactly how I manifested 5K in 5 Days in only about 5 mins a day or less

✅A divine healing that walks you through these 3 steps with your personal goals in mind


Week 2: Abundant Receiving

We start with this concept first because most people don’t receive well or don’t know how. We’ve been trained its bad to receive and to be open. In this week you learn how to be a good receiver and you get mp3s that clear your energy and shift you into a happy and easier timeline.


Week 3: Invoking the Universe

The real way to ask the universe for what you want. You will learn how to ask for what you want, charge up your desires, remove heavy energies like scarcity, shame, poverty, and give yourself the permission you need to create your reality the way you want it to be.


Week 4: Believing in your Divinity

How to become magnetic, remove the resistance and some deeper clearing tools and how to shift into your exact desired timeline where you already have what you want.


Week 5: Bonus recording to rev you up and bring to light all the things you’ve been unconscious of in this process. This was life-changing for those in the first version of this class.


Week 6: What’s really holding you back, what do you need to tweak, where are things not aligning for you. This brought so much clarity for those in the first round of the class.

Total Value for Week 1 to 6: ($2,997)


Week 7: Bonus Money Clearing

Receive a divine healing and cleansing of all anti-prosperity fields. If you've been struggling with happiness, money and peace this is the one of the most common culprits. You won't find this healing and clearing anywhere else, especially in a video format where you can clear yourself every single day. Its yours to use as often as you like.


Value ($597)


Week 8: Bonus Money Clearing 2

Receive a divine healing and cleansing of all money drains and energy drains. If you've been struggling with low energy, energy vampires, feeling drained all day long and having money come in just to go back out, this is the likely perpetrator. Remove these now and get your energy and your life back! Plus allow more money to stick and magnetize to you.

Value ($297)



✅ Get FREE updates to the course for 1 year. That means any special bonuses I add within a year are yours to keep.

All of this course is downloadable so you have it for life even after the 1 year access is up. Use it every day to align to your desires and clear the blocks to your divine destiny. 

Total Value $ 3,891

If I were to sell each item separately

Your total Price for the 8 week course is $1,597

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