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Blue Smoke
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wild magic sprays

This past summer I was lead to teach a series of Wild Magic classes. Not knowing what they'd be about or what would come through, I opened and became the channel for Divine Goddess, the feminine aspect of Source energy. She lead us on a journey to meet the Goddess for each participant, the one connected with our lineage & we were born of, although we may find we work with many during our lifetimes. Six Goddesses came through as we journeyed deep into our own internal world, holding our darkness for us as we sailed through the void connecting and retrieving our lost parts, magic, and our essences. We became more whole, present and more radiant as we imbued each of their energies into our lives and inhabited our bodies even more. 

I was guided to create sprays to help the participants better connect with each Goddess and the transformation has been profound with each passing day. Goddess asked me to share these sprays with those called , to imbue these codes and reawaken your soul beyond what was you thought was possible.

The sprays allow the Goddesses energy, essence and personality to come through in magnificent ways. The best way to use these to ensure you connect with the goddess is with reverence and gratitude.

Blue Smoke

Connect with The Goddesses


The Goddess of freshwater

Rivers and Waterfalls,

Sensuality, Love, Beauty, 

Femininity, Purity, Wealth

Prosperity, Sweetness,

Lushness, Fertility, Healing,

Divination and Destiny


Goddess of the Spoken Word

Speech, Communication

The Source of Voice

Golden Goddess who spoke

the OM of creation

Beauty, Enlightenment,

The Source of Wisdom


Mother Goddess Queen of the Ocean

Love, Family, Fertility, 

Home, Transformation,

Surrender, Comfort, Inspiration

Change & Constancy

Bringing forth Life and

Protecting it

Mary Magdalene

The personification of The

Sophia, Divine Feminine,

and The Holy Grail

Tantric Priestess

Dark Goddess

Sacred Sensuality

Divine Love, Healing, Awakening Kundalini, Financial Prosperity


Queen of Gods

& The Regal Feminine

Protector of Women & Children

Strong Boundaries

Pregnancy, Fertility, Love,

Relationships, Family,

Protector of Funds


The Divine Mother

Dark Goddess of Time

Fire, Passion, Sheer Power

Destroyer of sin, ignorance,

decay to Recreate & Protect

Goddess of Eternal Night

Fierce Feminine Energy

Boundless Freedom

Blue Smoke

The Sprays

These sprays help us to invoke  these powerful goddesses.

Permission from each goddess was obtained before creating these sprays.

If a spray is meant for you it will call out to you or shift you in some subtle way as you read the words associated with each one. Notice any lightness or feeling that comes over you body. This is her way of letting you know she is ready to work with you. Please use these sprays as often as you like and in gratitude to maintain a good connection with each goddess. 

When you're connected to the goddess you will feel her essence and the gifts that she brings come into your life. If you listen closely, you will hear her speak.

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