Raising Your Vibes: The Lie

We all have this deep desire to be loved. The good parts and our bad parts equally. Even on the days we have an attitude or the days where we feel like we hate everyone and everything and can't bring a pleasant smile to our faces to not make those around us uncomfortable. Our dark parts need to be held, gazed upon and loved just as much as our socially acceptable lighter parts.

When everything is always love, light and high vibes, we cover up the rest. Everything else. We want to be good people, doing the right things, perfecting this high consciousness spiritual thing. So we forget. We forget that the way to those high vibes is always THROUGH. Through the darkness, the aches, the pains, the gritty rage buried in our throats.

We think, I shouldn't be feeling this way. It's bad. I can't manifest this way. I can't attract the good if I'm not good or high enough vibes. But the good vibes are through it. Not around it.

The good vibes happens through an alchemy of processing what's already there first.The lie is that you can successfully go from anger to gratitude if you try and focus on what you're grateful for. And maybe you can, but it's short lived and the anger is STILL there and will pull you back to it until you pay attention. The manifestations will be off and leave you angry because the lowest emotion is always your main point of attraction. You can't go around what's there when it needs embracing.

We're not usually taught to do this and it's our instinct to push away the bad feelings. But this is why it's magic. As you process and go through the dark, the light suddenly appears. It's almost out of nowhere. It's so blindingly bright that it transforms everything it touches. Your heart is opened and a true enlightenment just happened and the high vibes and the gratitude just comes to you and through you.

If you need help navigating this, I'm here - just send a message or click services to schedule and appointment.

Love & Gratitude,


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