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The Mind vs Intuition

How many of your thoughts do you listen to? Do you listen to all of your thoughts, most of your thoughts or very few of your thoughts?

Everything you are wishing to create is on the other side of all of those thoughts. Its best not to listen to thoughts at all. Why is that?

There are no separate minds. There is no "your mind" and "my mind". There is the universal mind, or group consciousness. When you tune into thoughts or take them seriously, you are tuning into the group thoughts.

Let's not confuse thoughts with intuition either. Intuition comes from a different space than the mind.

The thoughts that berate you or tell you that you are not good enough, a failure right now, or have you doubt yourself that you struggle to clear out constantly, those are not yours. Ignore it when those mean thoughts about yourself come up. Don't listen to it. Use your knowing, your intuition and your perception instead.

When you know the difference you can have anything you want.

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