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Dark Wolf

There's nothing you need to fight and struggle for. I mean barring more obvious situations like fighting for your life or survival or fighting off that tiger or attacker.

However, most situations that we struggle with like fighting for someone's love or attention, fighting constantly to keep our energy clear, or even struggling over clients is only a greater sign that we need to let go. The more we are fighting and struggling then the more deeply we need to let go. The more we really really need a particular thing to happen, the more expectations and attachments we have and it may never happen or if it does, you will have to fight to keep it and even then there are no promises. This type of struggle is a sign that there is a need to let go. Don't let the mind fool you and have you think you are letting go. Letting go is a spacious feeling of not obsessing and feels like neutrality. Letting go does not mean waiting. When you let go you are actually moving forward living your life and its this forward momentum and detachment that brings you what you want. Plus detachment and movement release all the anxieties out of life and there is less stress and worry overall.

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