2oz spray

Specially created for empaths and sensitives to help you create and strengthen boundaries on all levels and areas of your life


Potential Benefits:

  • Creating boundaries when there are little to none
  • Strengthening existing boundaries
  • Clearing ghosts
  • Clearing spells
  • Releasing non-beneficial energies
  • Helping to get the body out of flight/fight/freeze mode
  • Help with healing autoimmune disorders that arise from being Sensitive or an Empath

Unicorn Magic

  • Directions for use:

    Spray once a day or up to 3x a day. You may spray directly onto skin or in your aura 2-4 ft. from your body for general use.


    This is best used daily in conjunction with all 3 clearing sprays: Pure You, Entity, and Curse Clearing. Pure You removes all psychic vampires and others energies, Entity spray removes low vibrational spirits and Curse clears out negative emotions, thoughtforms and projects from others. All 3 clear the most attacked areas of your energy and puts up protection while Unicorn Magic creates boundaries and keeps your space to yourself to help you grow and move forward into your dream life!