2oz spray

Potential Benefits:


This is a game changer when you are focused on being more optimistic and there's a lot of pessimism around you. Completely clears the air and assists with the negative self-talk and helps one get into a more positive attitude about life. This spray completely clears out all negativity from you, your home, your office, your aura or anywhere you spray it. It contains deep healing frequencies to release things have been trapped for an eternity. Spray anywhere you'd like to lighten the energy. Even sending it to past lives, or to yourself in the future, or on a particular day will create amazing results.

Removal of Negativity

  • Directions for use:

    For the first use and up to around 3 weeks usage: Spray only once a day on yourself at a point where you have to time to relax or meditate. It goes deep so you may need to rest and relax and let the healing happen. Sometimes before bed is optimal.


    Regular usage:

    Spray on objects and places as much as you like.

    Once you are used to the spray, spray up to 3x a day on yourself or your aura.


    How to heal past lives using the Removal of Negativity Spray:
    Think of the past life you'd like to heal. If you know of one that's great but you don't have to. You can also say "past lives where [this phobia started or this feeling of rejection started or weight issues etc.] started."

    Spray into the air several times intending it go to those lifetimes. If you are intuitive you may see it going or have a sense of it going in and clearing those lifetimes.


    This is best used daily in conjunction with 3 of the clearing sprays: Pure You, Entity, and Curse Clearing. 


    As with all of the sprays, if its seems like its not clearing something its because the sprays do not interfere with your spiritual lessons. That just means there's something you need to be conscious of and the sprays cannot override that. Spend some time meditating and ask what in the situation you are having issues with that you need know about. Once the answer is known you will feel it shift and then can use the spray to clear the rest.