In this 1 hour quantum healing session I'll be harmonizing your body, mind and spirit using quantum energy healing techniques.


For Remote Sessions:

Once the  session is complete you'll receive a brief description of what came up. Please note this is not detailed. It'll be 3-4 sentences of anything to take note of during the session.


Before the remote session I'll be contacting you to send me a very recent photo, your date of birth and a 20 second voice clip. This is how we connect to your energy to check and align your frequencies.


For In-Person or Phone Sessions

I'll be explaining to you what we're clearing. You'll need to be in a relaxed space to listen to the healing tones, so sometimes headphones are great for this. Have some water nearby to help you integrate the healing session.


Choosing Your Focus for the Session:

**All quantum healing sessions begin with a spiritual cleanse: we're cutting cords, releasing entities and other attachments, cleansing your aura and chakras, grounding you, clearing psychic attack, and raising your vibration to deter these types of forces.**


 6-8 healing sessions spaced 3-7 days apart for a particular topic for most sessions are highly recommended. There are other topics where regular tunes up are highly recommended such as (but not limited to) nutrition, or deeper spiritual clearing.


Ascension/Psychic Attack - a deeper psychic clearing. We're releasing curses,  many other variants of psychic attack, clearing away psychic vampires, aligning you to higher vibrations in a way that's easier to hold, working on your ascension and light bodies.


Creating Good Boundaries - stepping into your power to create and hold your boundaries for your next level and respecting others boundaries.


Emotional Release - Releasing all the stuck emotions and healing. Many modalities believe emotions to be a root cause of imbalances.


Healing a Broken Heart  - even if you feel like you've healed from the past this is still a great one. It goes deep


Nutrition - sending all the vibes of the nutrients. Your body will allow in the frequencies it desires.


Overall Body Balancing - Feel better overall, mind/body/spirit upgrade, alignment, harmonizing


Past Life Healing - Healing as many past lives as we can plus bringing forward any beneficial imprints and releasing the ones that aren't.


Pineal Activation/Upgrade - Release the ego, connect with the higher self, allow your third eye to open. This is normally done in sessions up to 20x using hands on healing techniques so allow a few sessions for this one especially.


Vagus Nerve Stimulation - known to help regulate the parsympathetic nervous system to release the fight/flight/freeze/fawn (fawn is the people-pleasing response) and dissociation response and can help you feel safe, connected, open, relaxed.


What are these quantum healing sessions and how does it all work?


Quantum BioFeedback: This is a method of energetic testing and harmonizing. The goal is to inspire your body to remember to be healthy and employ all your inner resources to achieve that goal. The energetic testing and transmission are based on quantum physics. We are using voice technology plus your image, birth date, and name in order to assess your frequency. Your frequency is then compared to other frequencies that have been pre-programmed.  From here numbers are generated. These number scores indicate how much you are out of balance in a certain area of your life. When searching for a remedy or solution these number scores indicate how much you are in balance or coherence with the vibrational remedy.


Quantum biofeedback does not obtain any information that rises to the level of a diagnosis. This is energetic information only. For example, any physical issue may appear in the energy field before it appears in the body. In this way you can view biofeedback as a vehicle to possible prevention as it raises the level of awareness so a person can make different decisions moving forward. 


A person can also be thinking about something, worrying about a loved one or a pet for something to appear in their energy field. My goal is to give you the best interpretation – however it is ONLY that. It is energetic information and not more than that. When I reference items like “minerals”, “immune”, “vitamin” or any other frequency these are ONLY energetics and references. Though they may represent physical issues, it will usually require more research or further testing with a medical professional if you want to take action these in terms of medications or supplements. If you have concerns about your physical issues please follow up with your medical practitioner, doctor, chiropractor, acupuncturist, or naturopathic physician.


The real value for our biofeedback purposes is to add these items to our harmonizing session. Whether you use the physical remedies or substances does not matter from a strict biofeedback perspective. What we want are pure frequencies of these items. Where there is reactivity or a match energetically, we run the harmonizing frequencies. 


Biofeedback is about energetics and creating a new energetic imprint within you. That is an imprint that remembers how to be well. Like affirmations, or like learning a new craft or hobby, new energetic imprints require repetition. The repetition of the sessions help you embody that new imprint and to hold it for a longer time until it seems like it is second nature.

Quantum Healing

Session Focus
  • Once your order is received I will contact you to set up a session time that works best for you. My normal hours are Mon-Fri 10:30am to 6pm eastern. 

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