For the alpha femmes stuck in good-girl mode : aka overgiving, putting others first, getting sucked dry by obligations, psychic vampires "friends" and other people who's needs seem to always come first.


You know you need to put yourself first, you're trying to do that. You're done with waiting for your turn. You know you have so much power and want to embrace it and have it - and most of all USE IT to create what YOU want - like $$$, love, health and BLISS but you've been trying and struggling to get there no matter what you do or what advice you follow. You need to get there NOW. And you will. Your next level awaits!


This is 30 Days to get to your next level


4 Private Sessions with me + BONUS 4 Questions + 4 Video Trainings and Exercises from the BLISS Course, one released weekly


I don't offer this anywhere else. The cost of this program is far less than if you were to buy one-off sessions or the high cost of time and struggle going it alone and the fear of maybe never getting there.


You could do one off sessions and get there, but a lot of clients hate the feeling of being on their own after the session, even though they had all the notes and the work to do.


We thought it would be so much easier if you could check in and we could get through the blocks together and clear up any questions or just give some quick advice as to next steps.


In the 12 week program clients are getting 5 to 10x further than just doing 12 one-off sessions because there's a container and high energy vortex with follow up and time for a deeper exchange as each session built off the last. 


I know you've been trying to do this stuff yourself - and eventually you will get there if you are determined. But how much time have you already wasted with tidbits here and there and free info that may or may not actually apply to where you are at RIGHT NOW in this very moment. Generic free advice can take you only so far. I say this because personally my biggest and possibly only regret in my life is the time I wasted waiting. Waiting on my soulmate, waiting on people to "see" me and treat me better, waiting until I lost the weight to feel worthy to show up and be seen, waiting for the universe to reward me which was when I was good enough and nice enough. Are you as done with this as I am???


30 Days to get you to your next level.

Pick your uplevel:

  • Releasing A Relationship
  • Finding True Love
  • Releasing A Relationship & Finding Love (Message me for a discounted price for the 2nd month)
  • Next Level Money
  • Becoming Magnetic To Clients
  • Getting into Alignment with Your Desires
  • Manifesting Your Next Up-Level
  • Getting out of the head and into the soul-aligned life
  • Holding Your Vibration & Releasing Scarcity or Low Vibes
  • Something Else


Need help with a particular something and know it'll take more than one session? Let's save some $$$ and get you to where you want to be in 30 days. You get four 50 min sessions plus ask me one question during a check-in weekly (I don't offer this anywhere else) to make sure you are making progress and going full speed ahead. I will be by your side making sure you are growing into the person that has the life you desire, the money you secretly so badly want, the love life you crave and the healthy body you want to flaunt. Plus as another bonus I've now added the new Bliss Course. It's one video training each week plus a take away exercise to get you well beyond that next level. Everything in the training course will be something you will want to keep doing for life and will support you in getting to your next levels after the month is up.



4 Private Sessions at 50 mins each 



4 Quick Question Readings/Check-ins : one each week 




4 Video Trainings and Exercises from the Bliss Course: one each week


Total Value $ 4,777


Savings of $1,444  with this package.




** This is a monthly package to be completed within 30 days of your start date.


$4,777.00 Regular Price
$3,333.00Sale Price
  • Once your order is received I will contact you to set up a session time that works best for you. My normal hours are Mon-Fri 10:30am to 6pm eastern. 

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