2oz spray

Potential Benefits:

  • The main frequencies in this spray are money and all the various forms of it. You will resonate as, be and feel like $$$$
  • This spray is designed to allow in more prosperity, ease, flow, gifts, winnings, business deals, job possibilities, loving connections, friendships, relationships, and much more. 
  • You may notice that people see you as more valuable and worthy or treat you as such.
  • Many people experience deep gratitude while using this. Gratitude clears the way for more to arrive.
  • If you are very resistant or have issues with receiving in general as well as receiving money, or feel very blocked, this spray is designed to first work through your resistance and release it so you can receive. Keep using it! Each daily spray will remove your blocks and resistance to money.
  • If you have a lot of money issues or are not in alignment with your highest money blueprint, this will work over time to heal those issues until you are in full alignment and can receive with total ease. 
  • If you are already at total ease with money this will work to increase your income and bring ease and joy to your day. 
  • The more outlets you have to receive money the better this can work for you.
  • As with all the sprays, it will work by default on what needs to happen next for you, but you can always ask it to help you with something specific such as finding a job or more clients, or to clear a specific block.


**This is not a get rich quick method. The money spray works by changing you internally and how you think and value yourself, and that change allows more value to flow to you because you feel you are worth more. Your frequency on the inside, how you think and feel in the subconscious, creates your reality and your outside circumstances.**

Money Magic

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  • Use daily for general purposes or ask it to bring you money, winnings etc. The more gratitude and appreciation you have the better this works.


    It took me almost a year to develop and test this until it was working perfectly. Money follows happiness and joy and with all the levels of sprays you've been using, money is ready to jump into your arms if it hasn't already. This spray will create more of it, and help ease it along to you.