2oz Spray

Potential Benefits:

You can finally undo the negative effects and mishaps of Mercury Retrograde as well as all planetary retrogrades and moon cycles! This spray clears those energies while aligning you with all the planets to create more ease and flow in your life. It will help you revisit or redo (the original intention of Mercury Retrograde) without the intense struggle, resistance and frustration. While some mishaps are necessary in any planetary retrograde in order for you to pay attention to something or make a change, this spray will take the edge off, aligning you with all the planets and helping to ground your energy. 

Mercury Retrograde Remedy Spray

SKU: 0003
  • Directions:

    This spray is for daily use. Spray yourself, your home, pets, your car, objects, furniture, clothes, etc. as a little spray goes a long way. If you need to spray your electronics please spray in the air next to it intending it go to clear the issue. You can also sprays things you cannot get to by using the same method such as a situation or a problem.

    On average the spray lasts for 24 hours. 

    This product is 100% charged water molecules, but is not intended for internal use.