Turn Up Your Temptress

Reclaim Your Sexy, Powerful Self 


Quantum Healing Mp3 (Please read the "Directions" section to the right on how best to use this.)


This life changing Mp3 will awaken and unleash your inner temptress. Feel sexy, confident and powerful again! Embrace your body and feel the joy of being THE woman that lights up EVERY room and radiates with luscious, alluring feminine energy.


I've come across so many women that have wanted to step more into their femininity especially when they work at masculine driven jobs all day long. They have wanted to step out of work mode and step into their sexy, luscious, feminine selves. They wanted to feel gorgeous in their bodies again. Except, they wanted it easy. 


I've read so many books on feminine energy and have taken countless courses, seminars and even dance classes, but honestly it felt like SO MUCH WORK. I was constantly in my head trying to ground and get into my body and lean back and remember to feel my shoulders and all these hundreds of tips I learned, but it just WAS NOT working and so far from natural. Time passed and almost every woman I encountered asked me how they can be more feminine and wanted to accomplish the same things, but there was no sure-fire easy way.


So I made a way. This Mp3 has a mix of affirmations, hypnosis-like elements, sound healing, and quantum healing. This means, you do nothing but listen, and at most you relax and allow the change. 


Do you want to feel sexy, beautiful, gorgeous, confident and powerful again? Are you ready to reclaim what is yours, find your voice and show up in the world as the blazing temptress that you truly are?


When our soul feels good and our body feels good, EVERYTHING shifts. Our cells shift, we heal, we get creative, we get attention, we stand out and life begins to flow. Love shows up, money shows up, we interact more with others and life truly begins again. How many times have you procastinated on something because you didn't feel good about yourself or didn't feel supported or loved, or just felt heavy in your body? How much of life have you skipped? What if you could feel great, heal and get better and better every day just by listening or even playing the track on silent?


Here's what others had to say: (I can't fit all the reviews on here but I promise to post the others on social media!)


"Once I downloaded the MP3 to my phone, I was actually trying to figure out how to work my MP3 player on the phone and "accidentally" played it on silent for several hours. Without even knowing it was playing, I received unexpected money.
During the 2nd full day, I played it on silent on my walk and returned from my walk with a notification of more unexpected money!
...I played it on silent again, and noticed feeling really hungry even though I had just finished breakfast. Since then it's almost a constant hunger, which having had thyroid/metabolism dysfunction for many years is not something I regularly feel. I'll feel hunger occasionally when my thyroid is in balance. But not like this. I also noticed my body is lighter feeling as if the energetic weight has lifted. 
Today I listened to it once and then on silent while walking and then again while getting ready for the day. I also noticed today that my body is definitely changing physically. I feel like I've lost physical weight along with the energetic.
Each time I listen to the mp3 I find new words and phrases. It's almost as if I'm listening to a new and different mp3 each time. I also have a desire to listen to the music long after the spoken words. The music really draws me in. It feels like what I've heard is integrating. And then when I listen to it again, I hear the next set of phrases to integrate. 
I've had more movement in the past 4 days than I've had all year!"

-C.T. from WI


"OMG I just wanted to let you know...I downloaded your mp3 because I felt like I have been trying to not feel insecure about my beauty or my looks. I know that people look at me and are interested, but I always felt like I shouldn’t be owning my power with that or that it was in my head that people would be attracted to me. I downloaded your mp3 and listened to one line. One. To test it. And you know that thing that babies do where you tell them they’re so handsome or so pretty and they smile and turn their faces into their parents because they’re all sweet and shy? That’s the reaction I had. My whole body responded, and now I feel like I have a ton of energy and I’m going to go for a walk and listen some more❤️" - A.S. from CT

*Please one file per person only. Do not listen to this while driving.

Turn Up Your Temptress

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    Treat this audio as a healing session and do not listen to while driving.