2oz Spray

Potential Benefits:

  • Removes over 20 specific types of entities connected to other lifetimes, emotions, contracts, etc.

  • Removes, releases and dissolves possession energies and attaching spirits.

  • Provides Psychic Protection – making you temporarily invisible to entities, people and their psychic attacks.

  • Impervious to evil and attacks – repels lower vibrational attachments and attacks.

  • Protective Auric Shield – removes imbalances in the auric shield and fills any holes or weakened places.

  • Spiritual Crisis – rebalances for stability and builds a temporary safe haven so that you may have peace.

  • Removal of negative portals, gateways, wormholes & negative energy access points.

  • I AM Presence Integration – connects your embodied human self with your truest God Self.

  • Source Connection – Connects you to your power source and the Infinite.

  • Ascended Space – resets the energy in the room or house, helps to prevent intruders or lower vibrational energies from entering. It also, over time, resets everyone’s vibration to a higher energy.

Entity Removal & Psychic Protection Spray

SKU: 0002
  • Directions:

    This spray is for daily use. Spray yourself, your home, pets, your car, objects, furniture, clothes, etc. as a little spray goes a long way. Spray to clear away any negative interactions or if you're not feeling like yourself. If you need to spray your electronics please spray in the air next to it intending it go to clear the issue. You can also sprays things you cannot get to by using the same method, such a situation or a problem.

    On average the spray lasts for 24 hours.

    This product is 100% charged water molecules, but is not intended for internal use.