This is a healing mp3 to remove the frequency of debt which keeps attracting it to you. We release the patterns of debt across all lifetimes and clear up any past lifetime debts or karma from our family of lineage that keeps creating and re-creating the cycle of debt.


Listen daily and give yourself a half-hour to fully process even though the healing recorded is shorter. It will continue for 20-30 mins.


The parts where I say "I now command" - are the parts that you will be repeating out loud. 


Use this mp3 to break the energetic and karmic patterns of unconscious debt.


Will you wake up debt-free? No

You will still have to make choices in alignment with your soul knowing that debt isn't bad and is a conscious choice. For ex. many multi-millionaires prefer to buy homes on credit and invest their money instead of buying in cash and therefore have more debt than most people. It's all in how you see things. Overall, debt isn't a bad thing. 


We are eliminating your patterns of debt that aren't conscious choices and keep you stuck in  never-ending cycle.


This mp3 is part of a bigger money healing bundle in the future - so what you pay now will be discounted towards that future money bundle - most likely an 8 part series with this karmic debt release being Part 1.


You will also receive all updates to this mp3.


The healing in this mp3 started to come in one morning and it wouldn't stop flowing in. It got louder and louder until I sat down and recorded it. I wanted to wait to release it until I have the whole money course together, but I am getting such a strong push that needs to be out now. When I finished recording it, I noticed something. With past mp3s there's usually an 11:11 type of symbol somewhere such as the recording length etc. but with this I immediately noticed the recorded file was 6.66 megabytes. 666 means the materialization of energy into the material plane. It also signifies worldly abundance as opposed to 888 which is more related to the energy of abundance. It does not mean the devil or satan by the way!


Even if you're not in debt this mp3 is powerful to release any debt from other lifetimes that could be affecting you.

Ending the Karmic Cycle of Debt

  • Listen once daily, giving yourself a half hour to process. The recording is 7 mins and 6 seconds, but the healing will run for 20-30 mins.

    The portions where I say "I now command" are the portions where you will repeat after me. Those are the only parts you need to repeat.

    The more calm, relaxed and focused you are the deeper the healing will go.

  • 1 mp3 file per person

    This is not to be perceived or relied upon in any way as financial advice. This product and associations are not intended to be a substitute for financial advice in any way. 

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