2oz spray


Potential Benefits:

  • Raises your vibration to the highest possible.
  • Gets you into alignment with the authentic version of yourself, your soul, your gifts, your capacities and your intentions = FLOW which helps with manifestations and living your best possible life with ease
  • Helps to magnetize the right people, places, things to you that are a match
  • Helps with letting go of your attachments so that what you are asking for can materialize
  • Raises the frequency of whatever you spray to help keep away negativity
  • Creates a high vibrational boundary


When your vibration is naturally high, there is less to do and work on and clear. Everything just comes together. Things heal much faster and easier, and it’s easy to let things go and think more positively and stay neutral about issues. Opportunities arise and good things just show up.

Vibration is more than just positive thoughts. Often people who have the most issues tend to vibrate at a really low frequency but try so hard to stay positive that they don’t really realize what they are emanating is still very low. This is the difference why some people have to work really hard to achieve anything and still struggle or feel stuck and do so much work on themselves, versus people who may still have their issues but life is so much easier and they don’t need to do all the same work to get through their days or to achieve success. We tend to equate that to good luck, but its really their high vibration, meaning the actual frequency of the energy that is coming from you and flowing within you.


With this spray you may find that there is less to clear as far as curses and entities, etc. You tend not to  attract that stuff and it has a hard time sticking to you. You may find that things just begin to heal and correct itself on its own.

Everything in your life up until this point is created by the vibration you have been emanating. With the spray you may notice you feel better right away and your thoughts and the way people treat you are different, and there’s less “work” to do and “lessons” to get. In the long term though, if you continue to create your life from a high vibration you will find that good luck and success comes to you with less effort. What you create today in this high vibe gets mirrored back to you today in the way you interact but shows up in the future as good fortune.


This is mostly common knowledge as there are a lot of programs out there to help your raise your vibration. Most are thousands of dollars and there’s exercises and practices and homework. I wanted to create this to get you there quickly. Any additional self-work that you do will only aid you in staying there as the high vibe increases your knowledge and understanding.

The higher the vibration the more positive impact you have on others around you without doing anything but existing. The universe generously and lovingly rewards those that have a positive impact on others. This is an easy way to do it as you continue your journey of self-discovery.


  • Directions for use:

    This spray is for daily use. Use as often as you like.


    First time usage: Begin by spraying yourself. The first sprays will take about 20 mins on average to lift your vibration.


    The second time and after: Spray yourself asking it to raise your vibration. Spray towards your body asking it to raise the frequency of your body.

    Some ideas on how to use this on a deeper level:
    1. Spray your home, your land, your office, and all physical objects coming into the home to raise its frequency.

    2. Spray into the air and ask it raise the vibration of your meal, your food, water or everything in the fridge, etc. (Don’t spray directly onto the food.)

    3. Spray into the air and ask that it raise the vibration of your soul, and again asking to raise the vibration of your spirit, and repeat asking it to raise the vibration of your aura. You can do this with anything you can think up. Raising the vibration of everything within your body, or specific organs that are functioning low. You can raise the vibration of your websites, businesses, online pages, pictures, products, etc. The list is endless.


    I've instantly cleared away shoulder tension and neck pain by raising the vibration of those parts.


    If you do muscle testing, test your frequency or vibration level prior to spraying then afterwards, or test how functioning your chakra is and spray to raise the vibe of that chakra, then test aftewards. 


    Most people feel a physical shift or mood change right away with more usage.


    This is best used daily in conjunction with the Entity & Curse & 100% Pure You Clearing Sprays for best results over time. Once something is clear you will feel more benefit by using this spray afterwards.


    This isn't meant to replace medical care or prescriptions etc. but to be used in conjuction if you are undergoing or need medical treatment.