2oz spray

Potential benefits and frequencies contained: 

  • Clear and heal your soul to raise your soul strength. Greater soul strength means greater self-healing for the body and more potent spiritual and healing powers.
  • Re-aligns you to the universal energy field. This provides protection to you from all dimensions, not just the planetary realm.
  • Aligns you to mama Earth. Keeps you grounded and corrects polarity issues, which can contribute to slow or no-healing.
  • Reconnects your body blueprint. We are all born with a blueprint of perfect health for our bodies. The more connected to it we are, the more the body naturally heals itself and has access to other capacities you didn't know you had.
  • Creates a deeper sense of presence and embodiment. You feel more spacious, yet more in your body, here, and alive than before.
  • Awakens your innate capacities to live your life to its full potential. 
  • Activates your DNA to reconnect you with your original blueprint of mastery. This means your infinite spiritual abilities can emerge. The kind we've been reading about with the transition to 5D and beyond.
  • Softens the energy around you to create more of a friendly universe.

Dream Life

SKU: 0006
  • This is both a healing and clearing spray. Start by spraying yourself once a day. It is best when used in conjunction with the entity and curse spray, as once your energy is clear this will dive deeper.

    This works over time and with your own personal timing to reconnect you with who you really are and the truth of your being. As your gifts open, potential increases, and your soul power rises, your Dream Life will no longer be a dream.