2oz spray

Potential benefits and frequencies contained: 

  • If you are naturally more feminine in nature, but have trouble getting out of the masculine, this helps to heal deep issues with safety, security, and trust so that you can be more in your feminine energy without fear.
  • Balance the masculine and feminine energies
  • If you need to activate more masculine energy due to being at work, or if you feel you are danger or need it, it will naturally switch over then switch back to your true nature of femininity.
  • Allows you to be relaxed and be yourself in situations you unconsciously didn't feel safe to do that before. When we are able to be ourselves we attract what is meant for us in love, work, friendships and all around in life.
  • Activates heart energies to feel secure and filled up with love and not seeking it outside of ourselves. When do not seek it outside of us due to lack, and can feel it within, and love is magnetically attracted to us.
  • Greater and enhanced personal power
  • Enhances an existing relationship or attracts a new relationship
  • Being more heart-centered and receptive to being loved, cared for and adored
  • Contains over 100 frequencies for feminine qualities such as playfulness, flirty, vivacious, powerful, intuitive, goddess, kind, beautiful, creative, talented, strong, warm....

Divine Feminine

SKU: 0007
  • Spray daily or as often as you like.


    You may really enjoy using this with Eden Love and Dream Life as it enhances the love (Eden Love) aspect in this spray and you are more able to connect and speak from your soul (Dream Life) which comes through the heart when we are being ourselves and feeling relaxed enough to do so.


    This can be used to balance masculine energy in men as well by spraying and asking it to specifically do so.