Dark Feminine Light Codes 2oz Spray: Limited Edition


Contains the following frequencies:


Dark Feminine and Dark Masculine - these frequencies awaken your soul and return you to the CORE and TRUTH of who you really are. The spray will determine which frequencies you need at the time. It can be rather intense awakening these frequencies. Remember to go slow, use only one spritz at a time to see how you tolerate the spray. If it ever feels too much you can ask it to turn down, stop, or continue while you sleep in the highest and best way. If you're tired of all of the love and light and empathy and only focusing on the positive, this is the remedy. These frequencies awaken your soul and shows you who you really are. It asks you to stop seeing things as black and white, right and wrong, and to be with all of you - all your energies while you transform and regain your power back. When you are YOU again you will notice all the power you used to have that got blocked or went away, miraculously returns. It was just you all along stopping you because you thought you were bad/wrong and blocked your own flow. It can be difficult to get that power back even though you know this is the cause, this spray helps you do that.


Money, Fame, Fortune, Stardom, Riches, Popularity, Status frequencies are also in the bottle. I found that many people can't receive these frequencies because these are frequencies they've been blocking out their entire lives. It feels stressful, overhwhelming or just plain heavy to receive these so people having trouble in this area tend to be so great at swatting these away.


I adjusted how these are received. These are set up like a vibropathic type of homeopathic remedy. Meaning - it works on your blocks to receiving these and having a good or at least ok response to these frequencies, except there's no alcohol or plants/essences in the sprays.


For some people some of these blocks can be deep or even span many lifetimes. Go easy here and take it slow. When you use the spray use it as if you were receiving a healing by carving out alone time and time to rest, relax and journal. This spray brings many insights.


Everything I've listed is just the first layers. This spray can do so much more once these areas are healed and you're able to receive the frequencies and be in your dark masculine and feminine with ease.



Please note: All sprays are 100% water combined with divine intelligence and the pure frequencies listed above. No physical herbs, scents or crystals are contained in the sprays.

Dark Feminine

  • Medical Disclaimer: By using this product you understand and agree that The Crystal Lotus Healing Center LLC makes no medical claims. All use of sprays is for recreational purposes only. Absolutely no medical advice or treatment is implied or intended. Sprays are 100% water charged with strong intentions for spiritual healing. The description states the intentions that were programmed in the water. Any spiritual healing you receive are not a substitute for advice, programs or treatment from a licensed medical, psychological, legal or financial professional. The Crystal Lotus Healing Center LLC provides no guarantees, or implied warranties and is not responsible for actions taken by clients.