Due to Coronavirus concerns, social distancing and everything closing I won't be mailing out any sprays for now.

If you'd like me to remotely recharge your existing (now empty or almost empty) sprays (energy healing has no limits such as time or space) you can purchase here at a 30% discount.


Adjust the quantity to the amount of sprays you want recharged and complete your purchase.


**This only applies to sprays you already own that are now empty or getting there.**


Once you've purchased:

Fill your now empty vibrational spray bottles with pure clean water, and I will be emailing you asking you to send me a picture of each refilled bottle separately. Once I've recharged each of them, I will let you know it's completed.

Remote Spray

SKU: 0099
$100.00 Regular Price
$70.00Sale Price
  • This is a re-charge for existing sprays that you own that you're running low on or are now empty.

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