2oz Spray

Potential Benefits:

  • Removes and clears curses from all lifetimes and all the negative after effects and outcomes.
  • Impervious to evil and attacks – repels lower vibrational attachments and attacks.
  • Aura Cleanse -  clears the aura of negative debris and optimizes aura size.
  • Cleanse and reintegrate soul fragments - cleanses soul fragments of lower vibrational energies and  re-integrates them into the original Spirit throughout all lifetimes.
  • Removal of Vows & Contracts – removes all types of non-beneficial vows or contracts from all lifetimes.
  • Remove Implants – dissolve and safely remove all low vibrational implants across all lifetimes.
  • Remove Energy Weapons – removes and dissolves all knives, hooks, daggers, arrows, attack energies.
  • Emotional Body Clearing – clears out the emotional body.
  • Energy Body Clearing – clears out the energy or spiritual body.
  • Fill all of the now voided spaces with unconditional love.

Clear Curses, Pyschic Attacks, & Energy Weapons

SKU: 0001
  • Directions:

    This spray is for daily use. Spray yourself, your home, pets, objects, furniture, clothes, etc. as a little spray goes a long way. Spray to clear away any negative interactions or if you're not feeling like yourself.  If you need to spray your electronics please spray in the air next to it intending it go to clear the issue. You can also spray other things you cannot get to by using the same method, such as a situation or a problem.

    On average the spray lasts for 24 hours.

    This product is 100% charged water molecules, but is not intended for internal use.