Celebrate 2oz Spray


Contains the following frequencies:


Pink Sapphire: enhances feelings of love, acceptance and forgiveness. Releases negative thoughts and emotions that blocks creativity. Provides strength to help cope with stress and calm your heart and mind. It helps to have well-balanced emotions, building new relationships, and dealing with rejection and letting go of the old.


Gold: purity and ONENESS - the All That Is - God - Source - The Universe. Connects you to Source and allows you to obtain communion.


It is the Master Healer and is inherently optimistic, uplifting, and symbolic of enlightenment. Gold is the embodiment of wealth, confidence, success, prestige, influence, friendliness, inspiration, positivity and prosperity.


Palo Santo: Holy Wood - when sustainably sourced it is a spiritual remedy for purification and cleansing ridding one of evil spirits and misfortune.




Please note: All sprays are 100% water combined with divine intelligence and the pure frequencies listed above. No physical herbs, scents or crystals are contained in the sprays.


  • Medical Disclaimer: By using this product you understand and agree that The Crystal Lotus Healing Center LLC makes no medical claims. All use of sprays is for recreational purposes only. Absolutely no medical advice or treatment is implied or intended. Sprays are 100% water charged with strong intentions for spiritual healing. The description states the intentions that were programmed in the water. Any spiritual healing you receive are not a substitute for advice, programs or treatment from a licensed medical, psychological, legal or financial professional. The Crystal Lotus Healing Center LLC provides no guarantees, or implied warranties and is not responsible for actions taken by clients.