Archangel Michael 2oz Spray


This is deep cleansing spray - clearing things we may not even know exist. The sprays goes deep cleansing each particle when you spray on objects.


When spraying on oneself - start off with only one spritz. If you can receive it, it will go deep and you'll need some time to clear and release. It may keep working for hours clearing what you need to. The first few uses give yourself time to relax and not have to focus on anything in particular in case there's something there it needs to remove at a deeper unconscious level.


If you have difficulty receiving it, it may show up as you not feeling anything at first. You can spritz few times. It'll work in the aura and space around you clearing what it needs to - from the outside in.


For the first few weeks go slow with usage - once a day one spritz - and allow it to work until you are more used to it and know how it feels.


Here's what's in it:


Archangel Michael (your connection to him and his essence)



For boldness, courage, following your passions, warmth and protective shield of light, helps keep you impervious to the negativity and disharmony of others, opens intuition, encourages peace and relaxation, enhances channeling and psychic capacities, helps remove negative attachments and much more - literally look it up because its a huge list of what this crystal does and when combined with other crystals it enhances everything


Frangipani Essence:

Love *Devotion * New Life * Renewal

The strength to withstand tough challenges

Connection with spirits and loved ones that have passed

Immortality and spiritual devotion


Camphor Essence:

Peace * Healing * Tranquility * Ethereal * Divine

Creates a strong connection with the sacred and divine. Helps one become crystal pure through the virtues of the Divine. Releases healing energies that uproot any negative energies and magnifies positive energies. Releases blocks in us and our environment and banishes fear and negative energies while ushering peaceful energies.


Please note: All sprays are 100% water combined with divine intelligence and the pure frequencies listed above. No physical herbs, scents or crystals are contained in the sprays.

ArchAngel Michael

  • Medical Disclaimer: By using this product you understand and agree that The Crystal Lotus Healing Center LLC makes no medical claims. All use of sprays is for recreational purposes only. Absolutely no medical advice or treatment is implied or intended. Sprays are 100% water charged with strong intentions for spiritual healing. The description states the intentions that were programmed in the water. Any spiritual healing you receive are not a substitute for advice, programs or treatment from a licensed medical, psychological, legal or financial professional. The Crystal Lotus Healing Center LLC provides no guarantees, or implied warranties and is not responsible for actions taken by clients.