2oz spray

Specially created for empaths and sensitives


Potential Benefits:

Clear away all:

  • Negative attachments
  • Vampires and energy drains
  • Negative cords
  • Surrogating and Proxying
  • All others energies, thoughts, feelings, emotions
  • Universal attacks
  • Others karma/curses/negative energies that you have picked up
  • Stuck and re-ocurring patterns
  • False Light
  • Cleanse your home, objects, food, vehicles, furniture, jewelery etc.

100% Pure You

  • Directions for use:

    Spray once a day or up to 3x a day. You may spray directly onto skin or in your aura 2-4 ft. from your body for general use.


    This is best used daily in conjunction with the Entity & Curse Clearing Sprays for best results over time.