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A little bit about our DNA of A Goddess group:


Maybe you've completed Goddess Army - my signature program that includes energy healing, spiritual cleansing and how to absolutely RISE UP and up-level your life with some simple tools and now you're wondering what's next??

Or maybe you're just READY FOR MORE because you know without a doubt you need to shift your energy to see a shift in your life, but you're not sure how or when you do the exercises to raise your vibration it doesn't seem to last.


You're here because you want to be healed on a quantum level without having to do tons of work because let's face it, you've already done some inner development and you need some help embodying those principles but you're SO BUSY and you want to enjoy your life because you know that's part of raising your vibe and feeling and experiencing health on a greater level.


What you'll get with your subscription

Each month we do 3 quantum healing sessions. You do not need to be present during the Facebook LIVE or watch the replay after to receive the healing. You get the healing vibes in real-time. There's no contraindications with this healing so you could be going about your day as you normally would. Your body will receive the healing when it feels its best to integrate it all. If you're super busy during the day you may be incorporating a lot of it in your sleep. 

Many people report a deeper sleep with these sessions. You'll also want to grab a journal and start writing down your dreams. As we move deeper into the healings in the following months your dreams will start to show you information about what's going on in your life.

Your body will take a few hours to several days to fully integrate the healing. Plenty of water is recommended as well as journaling your thoughts and feelings as they arise as well as what you notice is different about you.

Most people feel happier and energized or more at peace after a session. They usually don't feel like a traditional healing session where you may be processing a lot of emotions after or feeling vulnerable and have to take it easy.

We'll be focusing on one main theme (whatever spirit tells me or comes up for the group) for each session plus some frequencies to begin with such as spiritual cleansing, emotional clearing, nervous system strengthening, energetic nutrition etc. Everything that's chosen is chosen in such a way to be beneficial to everyone. Remember these are all energetic and working on your energy body so we are not treating or diagnosing anything but sending the frequencies to mind/body/soul to bring you back into harmony which we believe your body and your being naturally does when it has the available energies/materials.

You can listen to the LIVE as a replay and relax and take in the frequencies for up to 5 days to help integrate the healing. It won't give you another healing, but it will help it integrate. After about 5 days it won't do too much to listen to the replay.

Unlike Goddess Army if you were part of that group, you don't need to be there for the videos, or watch anything to activate the healing or try to receive it. You'll automatically get it effortlessly.


Also, if you join after our start date you will not get the past healings which is different from Goddess Army since its delivered to you in real time.

If you are busy and tune into the LIVE your body may think now is a good time to integrate the frequencies, so be sure to wait until you're free and have some space to relax if you do plan on listening to it whether LIVE or replay.

One final note about the energies: Most people do not feel anything at first even if they are really good at sensing energies. Some people after they do many sessions can feel the frequencies. Most people notice they feel lighter or happier after, several hours later or days later. If you are extra sensitive to frequencies its better to not be on the session LIVE and you can also skip the replay. That's the gentlest of ways to still receive a full healing.

Can't wait to see you on the inside Goddess 💫

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