A little bit about our Goddess Army group:


It wasn’t until early 2020 that I realized I have been leading a rebellion. Now to be fair, I was always accused of it. It just didn’t make any sense to me. I’ve always seen the world a little bit differently. Going back to grade school and college, I always saw an easier way to learn than what was being taught. As an engineer, I repeatedly rolled my eyes and how long and arduous things had to be that were so simple to get to the outcome we planned. As a healer who’s studied hundreds of modalities and spent tens of thousands of $$$$ studying, learning, growing, I could always just take a process that took an hour and turn it into a healing that took 10 maybe 15 minutes.


I want you to know there are other ways. You don’t absolutely have to struggle, live in scarcity, be stuck or waiting forever for your ship to come in. We don’t do that around here.


But it takes a certain amount of dedication on your end to make things different. Change can happen immediately.


I want you to know all the rules are MADE UP. Even the spiritual ones. When you stop living by those and shifting within, the shift happens outside of you. I’ve seen it happen in seconds.


Back to the story…I’ve had so many messages of women creating the deepest changes just from my posts. I didn’t realize I was also helping those women not even in my programs - stay true to their real desires and to also stand boldly for themselves and embrace their inner rebel just through sharing words. They let go of the inner good girl that has to please everyone and not make waves and have started living true to their soul.


I’ve also had many men message me and tell me how great they feel about themselves and how they are seeing success, happiness, and stepping into their greatness.


And yeah I’m sure they’re making a lot of people angry as they stop draining themselves and selling their souls.


So are you ready for this ride love?




Goddess, welcome to the rebellion! We are in an unprecedented wave of conscious expansion.


Your SOUL is demanding freedom. Expression. Abundance. You are the highest authority in your own life. But you’re here because you’ve been told it’s not possible, to get back into your box, fit in and follow the rules.


In order to have everything you desire; we need to destroy these old ways of thinking. There’s an easier way, a better way, but it takes strength, courage and strong boundaries. You’ll have to listen to your soul, trust yourself, follow the lightness. You’ll have to believe in what YOU KNOW and trust that. People will get angry as you RISE UP and RISE UP and RISE UP.


They’ll think you’re crazy. Selfish even. They’ll accuse you of loving money, being too happy, too expressed, and loving yourself too much. They’ll say someone else did this to you, changed you. But this is who you’ve always been on the inside. The things that blocked your expansion into the fullest version of yourself just needed to fall away.


This is NOT the love and light revolution, but a place where dark meets light and alchemy happens. We are not Lightworkers sent to turn everything into light and destroy the dark. We know those methods only perpetuates more darkness to fight. We are here to face ourselves, our shadows, our own rules and belief systems and shatter them so they transfigure us into the radiant powerful beings of pure consciousness, divinity and truth.


You’re not alone. Here, you’ll have an army of goddesses to back you up.


What you'll get with your subscription

Each month we do 1 deep healing session that you will want to go back to and receive even deeper healing as the layers fall away. We also do 2 sessions during the month with Training on a topic plus Q/A, and there's plenty of bonuses and so much to catch up on in our library if you're just joining! If you were to do all of this in private sessions it would literally be around $4K per month.  This is a super low cost way to work with me to get all your questions answered plus receive deep healing each month and stay aware of all the cutting edge info.

Can't wait to see you on the inside Goddess 💫

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