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Welcome to Cash in Your Karma!

So you've been good your whole life and now you're wondering what about me? Did God forget me? Is the universe punishing me? 


Maybe you're wondering why the universe isn't dropping the money in your lap or why your manifestations don't seem to be working. This is for you. For the good souls, the good girls, the great friends, the helpers, the ones that are so kind, loving, and nice .


You're the one that's there for everyone else but why do you feel stuck? Why hasn't your goodness showed up yet? You feel like you're doing something wrong.

This is YOUR TURN.

It's time to cash in all that good karma.


This is a new low cost membership that God told me to create. I usually am not told what to create - normally I search for what feels fun or light. This whole program was given to me, even the pricing. Notice if this program pings you in any way, that's God wanting this for you if you've been asking for more.  


I release a new training/healing/mp3/Q and A/Live event every 2 weeks depending on what Gold tells me to release. I'm surrendering that hard - leaving it up to God and not knowing exactly what will come. 

I know that there will be 1 Q/A at least and 1 LIVE at least amongst the other tools I'll be dropping. We will be staring January 5 through near the end of May.


In between those downloads from God, I'll be using the space as sort of a diary. I'll be dropping the processes and exercises on how I got to 6 figures in 2007 and how I've up-leveled throughout the years.


This is the first year I didn't burn myself out in the process so there's so much to share there.


Plus you'll be getting all the new ideas and energetic potions and mindset on becoming a multi millionaire that comes to me in addition to what God would have me share.

Plus plenty of bonuses and mini trainings and exercises along the way. There will be 0 fluff since this is my diary and I DO NOT spend hours clearing money blocks. I spend minutes. That's what you'll be getting.

This is NOT a get rich quick program. This is an energetic program on how to reboot and energize from the inside out so that more prosperity shows up.

This includes channelings from God and me dropping in what I do to maintain 6 figures plus anything that comes to me to hold multi millionaire vibes.

This isn't financial advice. This is energy baby!

It'll be pretty informal and different from other trainings. Other trainings consist of LIVES on FB where I answer your questions and lead a training. This is more relaxed, informal, I may or may not be in my PJs as I drop my video diary in our private FB Group where the program will be held. It will be full of pre-recorded materials, quick LIVES that you don't need to be there for and you'll get to go at your own pace. So it'll be chill, pre-recorded plus some live events.

What I didn't want to do was be like one of those high cost 8 hour trainings where you're pumped while watching it, but then you're on your own to make the changes and there's so much change that you end up doing absolutely nothing because you're overwhelmed. It doesn't have to be that way. 

So we have until May to make the changes that take only a few minutes each time. You grow and change over time. You only do what feels aligned to you when it feels aligned to you. You get to be the creator of your reality.

Cash in Your Karma is a money and manifestation experience. That will be our focus in the group.


If you're ready and 2021 is your year to go big, don't miss this.

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