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Have you ever wished you could be more psychic or completely in tune with Spirit and your soul?


Imagine the ease of knowing what to do next, getting your own psychic information and even helping others.


Imagine being really good at tuning into your subconscious and discovering things about yourself you didn't even know was there.


Having this knowing is absolutely priceless! What if you could look ahead and see what's in store for you and make changes along the way? Now you can! Despite what maybe you've been taught, we're all born with this ability!


Just as everyone can sing, and some people are naturally amazing at it, some need fine tuning, some need lessons, and some may struggle - and fine tuning your psychic ability is the same. This is one big reason these are private sessions and not a group training. Everyone is in a diffrent place with their intuition and gifts of knowing, seeing, hearing, sensing, feeling - it would be impossible to fully nuture these gifts - since there's so many variations - in a group setting.


In these private sessions we fine tune your specific gifts, open up new ones and work to expand exactly the areas you'd like to be brilliant in.


Imagine being able to fully trust yourself and what you're getting, sensing, feeling and knowing.


Imagine allowing visions of your future and your divine destined path to come to you without even trying.


Imagine being able to talk to your spirit guides any moment you wish and knowing without a doubt you could trust that information. What if you could talk to other's spirit guides too! Imagine being able to help others with your gifts.


What if you could also use these gifts to make money, find your soulmate, get into amazing health, find your best path,  steer clear of negativity or bad situations, help others with confidence, and find peace within yourself? How much is that worth to you?


I know this sounds impossible, but this is HOW we were meant to live. This is our birthright. This is a gift we've all been given in some way. If we have a physical body we have this gift. It's innate - and so many people are ALREADY living like this, using this to help them achieve greatness, peace of mind, a sense of worth, and following their divine path no matter what that is. They may not tell you that. It's not talked about very much at this level.  If someone's pouring out creativity and in the right place at the right time, or what they do is just working, I guarantee you they're using and honing their psychic ability.


The time is right now. I don't know how long I'll offer this - I tend to move on once Spirit tells me to put something out there and I do it for a length of time.  There's a payment plan available - is it your time to open up and activate your birthright?


This 3 Month Private Program Includes:

10 Private Sessions to be used within 3 months

Each session is up to 1 hour and 15 mins


3 Personalized Custom Sprays (one mailed out each month) These sprays are made specifically for you and only you.  They can contain affirmations, crystals, herbs, or any frequency to help you create your vision and dream life. 


3 Quantum Sessions (one each month) to plan and set up what will be in your Custom Spray and to create your Daily Quantum Frequencies sent to you. Quantum Frequencies are healing codes, frequencies, affirmations, clearings, and essences that will be sent remotely on a daily basis for one month, with sessions totaling 3 months of frequencies. Each session is 1 hour.


Below are the Pay In Full or Payment Plan options.

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